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Santa Rosa Copwatch
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SRCW supports NB O22 Coalition protest to ban tasers in Sonoma County

Santa Rosa CopWatch, joining with other Sonoma County organizations against police brutality, supports the North Bay October 22nd Coalition’s call for an end to taser use by Sonoma County Sheriff Dept.  December of 2008 saw 2 deaths by Sonoma County residents at the hands of SC Law Enforcement and both killings involved the use of tasers.  www.scdirectaction.org/o22 , o22northbay@gmail.com

Organizing meetings are every Sunday at 3pm (Community Newspaper) and 5pm (Ban The Taser) at

Free Mind Media Infospace

546 Pacific Ave, Santa Rosa, CA

(707) 579-1605



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Weekly meetings running up to this year’s October 22nd protest.

Riding the wave of last years successful protest against police brutality to coincide with the national O22 protests and seeing as police brutality has not gone away, people interested in organizing this year’s Santa Rosa O22 protest are invited to attend the weekly meetings, Sundays at 3pm @ Free Mind Media (546 Pacific Ave, Santa Rosa, near the Junior College).  We’re looking to widen the scope of the protest this year to reach more affected communities and cover more topics than last year, such as the danger to those  suffering mental health crises in a county increasingly cutting health services, the breakup of families and communities through ICE raids in which local law enforcement collaborate, increased use of extra-logical means to criminalize youth of color through the gang database and MAGNET and the constant precarity of the homeless who suffer the brunt of the bike police onslaught.  Please join us, make your voice heard and share your gifts to help build a safer, freer tomorrow.

O22 meetings @ Free Mind Media

546 Pacific Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

(707) 579 1605, www.freemindmedia.org, o22northbay@gmail.com


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SR CopWatch Benefit Concert with MDC this Thursday!!!



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Kristian Williams “American Methods: The Logic and Legacy of Torture.”

Santa Rosa CopWatch & Free Mind Media Infospace present…

March 20 at 7pm, at the Sonoma County Peace and Justice Center, 467 Sebastopol Ave, Santa Rosa. An Evening with Kristian Williams and a conversation on his new book “American Methods: The Logic and Legacy of Torture.”

Abner Louima. Abu Ghraib. The Humboldt Five. Extraordinary Rendition. Lynchings. School Of The Americas. Prison Rape.

Whether or not it makes front-page news, make no mistake: Torture is an everyday tool of dominance and terror in the United States. On the heels of Our Enemies in Blue, his controversial chronicle of policing, Kristian Williams once again upsets the notion that “excessive force” by the state is anything but altogether American.

American Methods is a damning audit of the US record in underwriting human rights violations around the globe. In the last 25 years alone and under several administrations, we confront death squads in El Salvador, genocidal campaigns in Turkey, brutal interrogations done on our dime, even in our name by various “friendly governments,” and more. Returning to our shores, Williams observes the banality of violence at home—on both sides of the prison wall. What emerges is the distinct character of American torture, particularly its emphasis on sexual violence, misogyny, and racialized spectacle.
Ultimately, American Methods offers devastating conclusions about the centrality of rape, racism, and conquest to both the state and our national culture.

In addition to American Methods, Kristian Wiliams is the author of Our Enemies in Blue, has had some of his writings on political repression in the United States compiled into one volume titled Confrontations, and has had his articles published in such magazines as Clamor, Dissent, Social Anarchism, New Politics, and Counterpunch. He also contributed an essay to the 2003 collection entitled We Are Everywhere: The Irresistible Rise of Global Anti-Capitalism.

Kristian is a member of Rose City CopWatch in Portland, Oregon, and of the National Writers Union (UAW Local 1981).


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some investigation into the latest Police killing

I believe Chris Parman was on the scene. He is the training officer.

The picture at this link:


is of a trainee.

Chris Parman appears to be first on left in this link:


it is hard to tell because the Police tape obscures his face.

Why does this matter?

In Chris Smith's column in the Press Democrat on December 23rd 2007, Chris
Parman describes an hallucination of his dead father that he experienced
while at a family gathering.

You can find the column by searching for "parman" in the Press Democrat
archive. I've copied the relevant text at the end of this message.

review: a cop who has recently hallucinated his dead father (who happened
to be the publisher of the Press Democrat)is on the scene of the third
fatal law enforcement intervention into a mental health crisis in this
county in the past 12 months...and no one points out the irony? or asks
why this guy has a gun? or why he's training the new guys?

Chris Smith's column from 12/23/2007:

Published on December 23, 2007

© 2007- The Press Democrat


And there was Mike's favorite ornament

Chris Parman is a sensible Santa Rosa policeman and the son of late PD
Publisher Mike Parman, who died too young from cancer a year and a half

Chris likes to tell, but can't quite explain, the story of what happened
the other day when his family gathered near the Christmas tree at the
Santa Rosa home Mike shared with the love of his life, Dee Dee.

It was a birthday party for one of Mike and Dee Dee's grandchildren. Chris
said that from where he sat, ``I had a view of the staircase, which leads
upstairs to the bedrooms.

``Something caught my eye and I turned and looked at the stairs.

``I saw my dad walking up the stairs. I could see he had his favorite pair
of stinky sweats on and his slippers. He just kind of had a smile on his
face, walking up those stairs as if to say, `I'm tired and going to bed.'

Not wanting to get carried away at his niece's party, Chris bit his
tongue. Maybe 10 minutes later, Chris said, his toddler son, Cole, who was
born after Mike died, crawled over to his grandmother's Christmas tree.
When Cole began to play with a low-hanging ornament, grandma Dee Dee
walked over to check on him.

Seeing which ornament had drawn the child's attention, her jaw dropped.
Flushed, she asked her family how the ornament got there. Nobody seemed to

Chris said tears streaked his mother's face as she explained that that
ornament, a World War I biplane, had been Mike's favorite. But it had been

So when Dee Dee did the decorating, for just the second time without Mike,
she'd had to accept that without his favorite ornament the tree wouldn't
be complete.

Yet, said Chris, there it was.


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New Year, New Killing

In 2007 we were told the “spate” of killings was an anomaly. In the first week of 2008 the Santa Rosa Police have demonstrated what a difference a year full of glad handing and secret meetings make.

from the Press Democrat:


New details in police shooting

A mentally ill man shot to death by Santa Rosa police had approached officers with a large kitchen knife, saying “slashing, slashing,” authorities said Thursday.

The identity of the man has yet to be released.

He was living in a home near downtown Santa Rosa where tenants are referred by county mental health authorities.

Police were called to the A Street home Wednesday after he threatened other tenants, according to a statement issued by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department.

The man suffered schizo-affective disorder and has stopped taking his medication, a mental health told police.

Three officers arrived at the house and approached the man’s room where a mental health worker who knew the man tried to make contact.

“The mental health worker knocked on the door and immediately they heard an aggressive movement coupled with the suspect ranting, ‘Slashing, slashing,’ ” according to the sheriff’s statement.

“The mental health worker, in fear for his safety, retreated behind the officers,” the statement said. “Moments later, the suspect came out of the bedroom door yelling a death threat at the officers.”

Officer Gregory Yaeger tried to stop the man with a Taser stun gun but he kept coming, with a kitchen knife with a 10-inch blade raised to shoulder height, “in striking position,” the statement said.

Officer Michael Heiser fired his handgun four times, all four rounds hitting the man.

The sheriff’s statement said the man fell and dropped the knife, but continued to struggle. Officers used a Taser again before he was handcuffed and taken to a hospital.

The man died at 7:37 p.m. The statement said he had been expected to survive but offered no details about his death.

Sheriff’s officials said the man isn’t being identified because they had yet to reach his family.

The investigation was turned over to the Sheriff’s Department after the man died. An agreement among local law enforcement agencies calls for an outside investigation of officer-involved fatalities.

The third officer at the home was identified as Gregg Ayer, a 27-year veteran. Heiser is a 13-year veteran and Yaeger is a 10-year veteran, the statement said.


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Another Senseless Death While in Sheriff’s Custody

James Marrufo Died December 1, 2007 in Sheriff’s Custody 



Death of Inmate


Posted Saturday, December 1, 2007 at 2:53, PM On November 30, 2007 at approximately 2:00 AM, Sonoma County Jail inmate, James Maruffo, notified a Correctional Deputy conducting routine security rounds, that he was having difficulty standing.  The Correctional Deputy immediately summoned medical staff who evaluated Mr. Maruffo.

Mr. Maruffo was subsequently transferred to Sutter Hospital via ambulance and soon after he was transferred to Memorial Hospital.  Due to a lack of critical care beds in Sonoma County, Mr. Maruffo was stabilized and transferred to Marin General Hospital via ambulance.

A hospital spokesman from Marin General notified the Sheriff’s Department at 1:30 AM on December 1, 2007 that Mr. Maruffo had died.  Preliminary information indicates Mr. Maruffo died of a massive stroke.  The Marin County Coroners Office is conducting the death investigation to determine final cause death.

Mr. Maruffo had been in custody since November 19, 2007 after being arrested by the California Highway Patrol for a felony charge of driving under the influence.  Mr. Maruffo was 48 years of age and a resident of Healdsburg, California.

Any further inquiries can be directed to Assistant Sheriff Linda Suvoy at 565-1445. 

Press Release prepared by:  Linda Suvoy, Assistant Sheriff


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October 22nd National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality


october 22 2007 flier letter size

On Oct. 22nd, 2007 the People of Sonoma County will march through Santa Rosa neighborhoods to protest the 9 deaths of people killed in the past year by local law enforcement. All people of the Bay Area are encouraged to unite at this march and rally TO STOP POLICE ABUSE OF POWER. The march begins at 4PM in Southwest Community Park (Hearn & Burbank Aves), There will be a feeder march at 5PM starting at Sebastopol Road and West Avenue (Dollar Tree), followed by a 6PM rally in Old Courthouse Square (4th St. and Mendocino Ave). There will be an open microphone at the rally. Speakers expected include surviving loved ones of victims, people who suffer from past and present police abuses, and all others who wish to speak.  This escalating, brutal abuse affects the whole of our diverse community, uniting us all under one veil of oppression.

 This terrifying epidemic of deadly force is long established: From Apr. 1, 1995 to March 10, 1998, at least 15 people were killed by local police or died in-custody. From Jan. 7, 2000 to Sept. 24, 2007, at least 35 people were killed by local police or died in-custody. In a recent 9 week period, local police shot and killed 5. Two deaths resulted from 911 calls for mental health assistance by family members of people in crisis and ended in officers tragically killing both 16-year old Jeremiah Chass, and Richard Desantis, father of 2. Adding to the body count is: Haki Thurston unarmed & shot 27 times, Luis Sanchez, shot 7 times, and Walter Heller, unarmed & Tased. In the County Jail, family pleas to get desired medical care for Ryan George’s sickle cell anemia went ignored by the Sheriff. This 22 year-old black man died, leaving behind his pregnant fiancée. In the latest trend of in-custody deaths, Richard Williamson Jr. and Gregorey Townsley both died despite informing jail staff that they would suffer treatable symptoms of withdrawal associated with diseases of addiction. The Sheriff continues to respond that policies surrounding medical issues are adequate.  Numerous forums have emerged to stop this plague of abuses, drawing concern from: US Commission on Civil Rights, Committee for Civil Rights, Committee for Immigrant Rights, NAACP, ACLU, County of Refuge, AIM, MEChA, Santa Rosa Copwatch, Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County, & NAMI. A widely representative cross-section of the community calls for systemic change.

Every day, people of color; Latino, African-American, Asian-Americans, Native American, and especially youth, are racially profiled by police. MAGNET - a militarized unit, led by the Sheriff, supposedly targets gang violence. Though not required by law, the Sheriff has requested that ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) collaborate with MAGNET to deport people not proven guilty of crimes. These deportations tear families apart. Youth seeking healthy social outlet find their clubs raided and shut down by Santa Rosa Police, as with Epiphany, a popular Santa Rosa night spot. Ineffective DUI checkpoints sweep working class neighborhoods for minor infractions, impounding cars of those who can least afford it. Local police agencies benefit financially from impounds and tickets while also benefiting through increased social control and decreased community empowerment. We believe that resisting these abuses of power is both necessary and possible. The community will be taking to the street on October 22nd. Wear black in solidarity with those who’ve died at the hands of law enforcement.

Please join us in action and in speaking out to Unite! Resist! Liberate!

Here are 4 different Spanish handbills to print, post and distribute:





Here are four different English handbills to print, post and distribute:

handbill 1 Cop w/ Billy Club 

handbill 2 Gonna Kick Your Ass

handbill 3 Stolen Lives

handbill 4 Big Pig

handbill 5 Skaters

handbill 6 Bike In Cuffs

and two different english full color posters:

o22 flier 8 1/2 X 11 size

o22 flier 11 X 17


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A large coalition of 27 Bay Area groups, mostly from Sonoma County, have been working together for several months to plan a PUBLIC FORUM ON POLICE ABUSE to be held on Saturday, October 27 at the LABOR CENTER, 1706 Corby Ave. in Santa Rosa. The forum will convene at 10:00 AM and will last until 5:00 PM. and the public is invited. The event is free although donations will be accepted. Tables for groups are available.

This coalition began forming in April of this year after local law enforcement killed Haki Thurston, Jeremiah Chass and Richard DeSantis within less than two months with a subsequent public outcry. Since then Walter Heller was tasered and died in Petaluma and Luis Sanchez was killed by Sheriff deputies. In July Ryan George died of neglect in the Sonoma County jail. All of these cases have raised questions about their necessity.

A similar coalition formed ten years ago in Sonoma County after another spate of killings happened in the late 1990s. Pressure from this earlier coalition brought the United States Commission on Civil Rights to Sonoma County for hearings in 1998. They issued a report in 2000 which agreed with citizen concerns and made several recommendations. None of those recommendations have been implemented by local law enforcement. (copies of the 2000 report are available.)

Since April the coalition has expanded to include many groups and individuals concerned about various aspects of local law enforcement including ICE and the MAGNET GANG TASK FORCE. The common concern of these groups and individuals is the abuse of power by law enforcement in our community.

The purpose of the Oct. 27 forum is to create a COMMUNITY ACTION PLAN after people have attended various afternoon workshops. The forum will begin with speakers (see flyer) that include Booker Neal from the U.S. Department of Justice. There will be a community speak out and a special recognition of family members of those killed by police. There will also be an altar to honor those who died. The RED BROTHER NATIONHOOD will open the program at 10 AM with a drum ceremony. Food will be available.

For more information please see flyer at link below

leaflet english

leaflet espanol



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